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Bradbury & Bradbury Victorian Room

When we first looked at this room we were a bit intimidated by its size- 25' x 25', because a Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper installation requires a lot of thought, planning and much intricate detail work. When B&B receives detailed drawings of the room they lay out a plan of installation on those drawings which shows where each wallpaper and border should go and what it should look like. The installer has to take those drawings and mark out exactly what they have drawn on the ceiling and walls. If one element is off it throws everything out of alignment and things have to be redone.
Once that is done, the pieces have to be cut out and trimmed. The fill paper is straightforward- just trim the selvedge off each side with a straight edge and install. The borders come on a wide roll and must be cut apart before trimming the selvedge. The other elements also come on a wide roll and must be cut apart and then trimmed freehand before installing. As you can see there is a tremendous amount of work to do before putting the wallpaper on the wall.
The borders that you see may look like a single border but they are made up of 6-8 small borders, so we have to go back over each stretch 6-8 times.
It took us 9 days to finish this one room, but all that work gives this incredible result!

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Silver Spring
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