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Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA

In 2017 Associated Crafts® completed the fabrication and installation of three new windows for Calvary Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, CA. A unique and special project, the work was originally carried out by another glass artist commissioned by the church, who passed away halfway through production. The unfortunate series of events led Calvary Presbyterian Church to us, after a number of studios were considered to continue the project.

Kathy Jordan, Director of Art Development, worked closely with members of the church to rework the stained glass artist’s designs, retaining and honoring the man’s work while also marrying it to Jordan’s aesthetic. With the preliminary watercolor designs having been rendered by an accomplished artist outside of the field of stained glass, interpreting the watercolors into glass posed a challenge to Jordan. Using his designs, she recreated them to better reflect a stained glass window, complete with lead lines and the addition of borders to complement the existing stained glass in the church.

Melissa Janda, who recreated Jordan’s designs into full-scale cartoons and carried out all of the painting, referencing an Eagle Scout uniform provided to her by a member of the congregation so that she could get the patches rendered just right. Another congregant assisted with the symbolism and advised on the levels of scouting so our artists could portray everything correctly. Their assistance was unbelievably helpful in the painting of over thirty merit badges, most only three quarter inches round!

After a trying and emotional journey Calvary Presbyterian Church is pleased with their new windows and we are honored to have been able to play a part in their fabrication.

San Francisco
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Completed window, in situ
Completed window, in situ
Completed window, in situ
Completed window, in situ
Completed window, in situ

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