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Cast Stone Rose Window Restoration

As a continuous arch, this large cast stone rose window was considered to be particularly vulnerable to seismic stress and was scheduled for restoration and reenforcement with a new anchoring system. After removal of its stained glass, the masonry was dismantled into its separate components and removed for restoration. The design required installation of a structural system of stainless steel reinforcement, embedded in epoxy resin. After the individual elements were restored and cleaned, they were re-installed over new stainless steel structural framework, and the stained glass replaced.

Los Angeles
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Mason's position element precisely in conformity to steel rebar frame.
Prefabbed stainless hub forms core of the structural design.
Mason's bore holes in cast stone elements to receive stainless steel rebar.
Once the center ring was positioned, it guided the location of subsequent elements.
View of the assembly.
Dismantled cast stone elements, awaiting restoration.
View from interior, displaying complexity and scope of the work.

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