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Corporate Murals for Garden of Life LLC

These are two murals facing each other, located in the conference room. The project involved creating a few versions of concept designs for each mural. The murals had to represent the Garden of Life Company’s values: commitment to good health and great nutritional products. I worked after hours and weekends. Below, find the description of each mural:
The left mural showcases a landscape background with valleys, hills, and a river. Fruits and vegetables are bursting out of the Garden of Life logo, spreading on both sides of the mural. The USDA Organic logo is resting on the fields. The landscape continues on the right wall, with a tree evolving from a celery root and transforming into other tree/plant species. The GOL’s motto is floating on an enlarged celery leaf and the NON-GMO logo is resting on a field with crops. Other featured logos in the Garden of Life murals include the Gluten Free and Vegan.

Palm Beach Gardens
Palm Beach
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