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Granizo Olympic Mural - Cal State L.A.

A ceramic tile mural by William Granizo, comissioned for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics at the site of the judo events, had begun to fail, with some tiles falling to the ground after deterioration of the mortar setting bed.

Los Angeles
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A ceramic tile mural created for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics had started to fail, with several fallen tiles giving indicat
Several of the tiles were cracked due to movement in the substrate over the years.
Gentle pressure with the chisel produced a result in which well over 99% of the tiles were removed without damage to the hi
At an adjacent work area, over 2,400 undamaged tiles were carefully prepared for reinstallation by removing old grout and se
Our artisans used an acrylic-based coating formulated with UV-resistant components to give the optimum combination of perfor
Reinstallation of the tiles went on a clockwork basis. Note the limited area of new thin set adhesive before the tiles, in

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