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Green Mountain Boys safehouse aka Mangravite Residence

This very early building was moved and rebuilt in E. Rupert in the 1930s. An old Sugar House was added to it later. The kitchen area was almost non existent and the floor beams were rotting after 60 years of water flowing through the dirt cellar. These were the main subjects of the project as well as doubling the living space. The design called for removing the useless Sugar house; moving it up the hill to the garden meadow ; restoring the structure; providing a dry basement and a new addition to house a large kitchen and a laundry/mud room. The addition was to be of early 19th Century detail. Space for a huge dining table, easy chairs, and a sofa was to be made. The commission required me to design the project in detail, act as the general contractor, cabinetmaker, and finish carpenter. The little house was moved and the main house raised up 6’ off the ground so the new basement could be built. We also put in foundation walls to support the addition; ran drainpipes around the whole thing; and waterproofed the concrete walls. The ancient log house was then eased back down onto the new foundation. Carpenters were hired to frame, enclose, & weather tight the addition. From then on I had the place to myself and proceeded to install the cabinets I had built and finish the interior, complete with an reproduction antique cherry wood cupboard. The finished project was a great success, making the clients happy and making me proud of a job well done.

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East Rupert
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The ca. 1760 hewn log house ready for the new foundation walls.
View of front of the addition with the original house seen beyond.
View of the front porch of the new Kitchen addition.
View through the old style pantry created in the new kitchen.
New cooking area 'hearth' with repro. cherry cupboard seen beyond.

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