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Catchlight was hired to restore the home’s mahogany window casings and paint its exterior. The homeowners were delighted with the results so invited us back to work on several newly renovated rooms inside. Sunlight had damaged the home’s beautiful mahogany window casings. To restore them, Catchlight removed whatever finish remained then sanded and rejuvenated damaged areas, staining sun-bleached wood back to its original color. Learn more about this exterior painting project here.

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The strong rectangular shapes of the front entry are softened by sweeping curves and a constant play of shadow and reflection from light passing through the open spaces.
Seen in the dappled light of a warm autumn afternoon, the garage is the only component of the house painted with color, though this blue repeats in the furnishings on the back deck.
Do you find the sharp angle where the garage and house meet dramatic? We like how the soft blue hue of the garage offsets its mahogany door panels.
The back of the home features a variety of textures and dramatic contours, with the natural finish of the window casings providing a pleasing contrast to the edgy design. The woodwork also serves to connect the home and tree-filled landscape.
Inside, the breakfast area has an expansive view of the back deck, plenty of natural light, and flawlessly painted walls- if we may say so ourselves!
Beyond the breakfast area lies a freshly remodeled kitchen. Catchlight applied a thin layer of compound to each new wall in the house using a technique referred to as “skim coating”. This insures a smooth, seamless, flawless paint finish.
An open floor plan connects the kitchen to a family room with both painted and papered walls. In this area, Catchlight painted the ceilings, trim and several of the walls while skim coating others in preparation for wallpapering.
This home features custom materials at every turn including in each bathroom. This photo was taken during construction of a shower as Catchlight put the finishing touch on the walls and ceiling prior to painting.
The bathroom, like the rest of the house, has a creative feel and crisp, clean lines. It was our pleasure to contribute to the beautiful makeover this home received, inside and out! Whether old or new, simple or showcase, Catchlight delivers a consistent level of care and craftsmanship to each and every home.

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