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L.A. Central Library

The LA Central Library was almost torn down but saved at the last minute to be completely restored and expanded as the showpiece of one of the great municipal libraries of America. It served as the focal point and transition of Los Angeles from an ahistorical city to one whose relatively short but full history was finally acknowledged.Wikipedia Resource:

Los Angeles
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The historic Central Library was completely rehabilitated by adressing the multiple materials of its construction in a compr
Work included the cleaning, restoration, and repointing of the carved Indiana limestone decorative features on the exterior
Several WPA-derived entry surrounds were selectively removed, restored, and later reinstalled after structural work was comp
The marble and granite floors were also restored, using polymer-based patching compounds followed by diamond-resurfacing tec
This program satisfies three conditions for an appropriate stone floor restoration program: Ground-in-place, less slippery

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