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Northwest Ohio Pipeline Company Barn Dismantling Operation

Nestled on the corner of two main roads, Ohio Highway 30 and Route 65, lies a large project bearing the mark of Rural Agricultural history. A remembrance of 1900-1930 Americana. Barns held over from the early mechanical period of United States Agricultural history require much help. We offer systematic planning to fully preserve their value-added appeal.Requiring cooperative efforts by both property owners, prospective partners, and contractors, barn timbers, plank, and siding are value-added materials. After grappling with the issue for some time, Mr. Ron Phillips arranged with our office to discover a solution. Wisely deciding to initiate a full scale dismantling operation this Spring, 2011, rather than stand a loss, Mr. Phillips is taking necessary precautions. Dismantling his historic barn and three remaining adjacent buildings before they pass the point of no return is sound business practice.Maxwell Historic Preservation does not waste historic materials reclaimed from barns and buildings, the very substance of Americana. The stuff of legend as it is the remaining evidence of what Ancestors designed and built. As perservationists, we will encourage restoration of these structures. But when forces bring pressure to bear, discovering a solution to re-use is wise. When the property owner faces the stresses of economics and insurance requirements, dismantling is a good thing to do. Our company is now seeking partners and cordially invites any interested persons to now contact us to discuss final disposition of these fine materials. From our inital estimation, 17,000 bd. ft. of re-usable timbers, plank, siding, and other assorted materials are salvagable. We will consider any creative yet reasonable proposal for final sale, barter, or trade.Colleagues and Customers, kindly contact us without hesitation.

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Gambrell Roofed Barn

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