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Replacement Windows in Aurora, CO

One of our customers had requested several windows to be replaced throughout their home, including a brand new picture window for the living room. First, our dedicated project managers inspected every window with the home owner and offered energy efficient solutions ( learn more at ). We estimated that replacing their old, outdated windows would save them hundreds on energy costs.. After the designs were selected, we went to work ripping out the old windows and frames. This process must be done carefully to prevent damage to the surrounding walls. Through our custom fitting process, we installed several new windows throughout the home, including bay windows in family room, beautiful picture windows in the living room, as well as several bedroom windows. Once the window frames are installed, we use a special sealant that does an incredible job of insulating the new windows. Upon completion, we roll out our "red carpet" treatment and cleaned the entire home!

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Our window replacement contractors working on the picture window installation
Replacement windows for the bedroom
Worker finishing up installation of bay window in family room
Brand new energy efficient picture windows after installation

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