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St. Isidore Catholic Church

Two layers of unventilated security glazing were causing severe problems for both the stained glass and the timber frame hiding beneath. Temperatures between these sealed layers can swing up to 100 degrees in just one day. Lack of a weep system left trapped condensation with no where to go. All the stained glass panels were removed and brought to Kolenda Art Glass where they received partial lead replacement, mending of broken glass and thorough re-cementing. Since the church now has air conditioning and no desire to open their windows, panels previously set in functional steel vent sashes were framed with wood to provide a proper seal. The entire exterior of the timber frames were treated with Abatron wood epoxy system before painting and re-installation of the stained glass. Currently, and for many great years to come, the stained glass is the single layer of glazing.

Grand Rapids
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Two layers of unvented security glazing causing excessive heat and condensation buildup
Weathered polycarbonate sheeting removed now exposing the plate glass and timber frame
Removal of the plate glass
All glass removed
The frame is now ready to be stripped and treated with Abatron epoxy
Functional steel vents were removed and the panels were made stationary and framed with wood
Broken glass can be found throughout the window due to excessive movement and cement loss
Heavy soot accumulation on the interior side of the glass before a delicate and thorough cleaning
Close up of the destructive white oxidation fueled by the protective glazing
With the oxidation removed, we can see the toll it has taken on the lead by the voids and rough surface left behind
Some panels required additional lead be soldered to the perimeter to improve their fit
Broken glass before repair
Broken glass mended with copper foil
Broken solder joints can be easily resoldered while fractures in the lead often indicate the "heart" of the lead is compromised and requires replacement
Through capillary action, you can actually watch the old leadlight cement draw in the oils from the fresh cement
Once a steel vent sash, now a stationary panel
The original support bars were short of the frame and not properly secure but were able to retain them by fabricating custom copper clips attached to the frame
This panel was installed without lateral support bars likely to avoid visual interference with the face of Jesus
We were able to bend new support bars above and below the face as not to intrude on the design
Completed installation
Closer look at the top, there's certainly a gain in light transmission with the glass cleaned and the exterior glazing removed
With the secondary glazing removed for good, the window can now be appreciated both inside and out
The frame is now solid without movement
Exterior shot of the old steel vents now stationary framed with wood
North Transept during reinstallation
Completed North Transept
Completed North Transept
Completed Choir Loft Window
A couple panels here had "cold" painting applied after the installation possibly to cut the light transmission of areas in the window that were too bright. We plated a second layer of painted glass to the exterior to mimic this procedure
Tracery detail
The interior sill is fitted with a copper pan that collects condensation and exhausts it through a copper tube in the center of each lancet

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