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Steinway Piano Restoration and Tuning in DC

Exquisite Piano Restoration by the Experts at PianoCraft

The piano repair and restoration experts at PianoCraft are proud to show their work in fully restoring this 1968 Steinway Model D, returning this classic instrument to its original glory.

As any pianist knows, the Steinway Model D is a favorite for performers especially, and is often considered a majestic piano that offers the richest, truest sound as well as a classic look that perfectly complements any auditorium. The Model D is often considered the pinnacle of grand pianos, offering the highest level of musical experience for the pianist and audience alike.

Restoring such a classic piano is then both painstaking and delicate. Solid spruce braces need to be checked thoroughly for signs of wear and damage, and their maple dowels repaired or replaced as needed. While Steinway & Sons offer a cast iron plate and steel bolt designed to last for decades, if not centuries, these pieces can suffer damage, especially from misuse and mishandling. Checking and restoring the plate is vital for ensuring all parts are securely affixed to the piano body.

The hand-fitted ribs of the Model D also need painstaking examination, while the steel tuning pins require careful consideration. Replacing these pins is often needed to restore the piano’s performance and rich, full sound.

The strings of a Steinway Model D are constructed of the highest-grade Swedish steel, but even these wires will suffer wear and even snap over time. Restoring any piano to its original glory involves a careful inspection of every single wire, noting if it needs simple tuning or is damaged beyond repair. Installing new wires ensures that a restored keyboard offers a rich, full sound with every note, without compromising the integrity of its original construction.

Steinway Model D hammers are also compression-wired to maintain their permanent shape, but the felt of these hammers does wear out and need replacing over time. Moldings and shanks also need a careful inspection for needed restoration.

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Restoring the body of a Steinway piano is also painstaking, and the piano restoration experts at PianoCraft ensured that no detail was over looked in restoring this particular instrument. Every inch of the piano body was carefully inspected for chips, cracks, warped sections, and other such damage, with the piano’s silhouette and handsome color thoroughly restored to its original glory.

Full piano restoration by the piano restoration professionals at PianoCraft will ensure that your beloved instrument is playable once again, bringing back its appearance and protecting its overall value. Classic or heirloom pianos especially need restoration by experts in the industry, and the technicians at PianoCraft bring more than 50 years of experience in both performing and restoring pianos to every instrument they service. PianoCraft has been called on to tune, repair, and restore pianos currently found in some of the country’s leading concert halls, recording studios, and music schools, and your instrument deserves the same exquisite care. Don’t leave your beloved piano in the hands of a hobbyist, but call the experienced piano restoration professionals at PianoCraft for all your piano tuning, repair, and restoration needs.

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