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Virginia Tech AREC by HistoryTech, LLC

Virginia Tech engaged Calloway Johnson Moore & West (CJMW) to evaluate the historical significance of two dwellings on the Middleburg AREC property, which is located in Fauquier and Loudoun Counties, just south of the Town of Middleburg. HistoryTech (then The Antiquaries) teamed with CJMW to conduct historical research and evaluation of architectural significance.These two dwellings are listed as Buildings #801 and 805. The AREC consists of a tract of approximately 400 acres, which were formerly two farms of generally equal size. For the purposes of this report, the southern portion of the property is referred to as Edgewood (or Building #805), and the northern half is designated as Green Hill (or Building #801). It should be noted that the Green Hill Farm currently contains two dwellings that appear to date from the 19th and/or early 20th century, but only one of them was submitted for study in this project.The dwelling known as Edgewood (or Building #805 by the Virginia Tech AREC) is a two-story, gable-roofed, stucco-covered-stone vernacular farmhouse similar to others found in Virginia’s Northern Piedmont. It is well-sited just to the east of a right-angle bend in Sullivan’s Mill Road (State Route 807) in Fauquier County (UTM Coordinates 18 S 0262743 4314839). A farm lane, separated from the house by a low stone wall, connects to Stonehedge Road at Hulbert’s Lane, running from Edgewood eastward, crossing the headwaters of Wancopin Creek (also known as Wankopin). A circular driveway connects the north (front) façade of the house to Sullivan’s Mill Road.The house known as Building #801 by the Virginia Tech AREC is being called the “Green Hill” house for the purposes of this report. In actuality, two historic dwellings sit in the middle of Green Hill Farm, and are in close proximity to each other; no definitive documentation has been uncovered thus far to verify which of the two is the original “Green Hill” house. The two story house is situated behind mature, dense landscaping on the west side of Sullivan’s Mill Road.

Fauquier & Loudoun
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Edgewood at Virginia Tech's AREC, Middleburg, VA

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