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Windows Restored for Boyhood Church of Louis Comfort Tiffany

In 2017 Associated Crafts® completed the historic restoration of thirteen Tiffany stained glass windows, a project that began in 2016. Installed in 1913, the windows are part of a series of 185 blue, green and amber stained-glass windows in Irvington Presbyterian Church, which Louis Comfort Tiffany attended as a boy in Irvington, NY! The windows, which were removed for conservation, were re-installed in February 2017.

According to a 2003 New York Times article, the windows are particularly of historic interest because they are an example of Tiffany’s rebellion against traditional ecclesiastical stained glass, in that they are of an abstract design of simple opalescent diamonds with no reference to the Scriptures. The fact that are composed of simple diamonds was intentional - to evoke both the Hudson River and the land and sky of Irvington, NY. Additionally, rather than having been designed piece-meal over a period of years like most stained glass collections, the entire fenestration was designed and fabricated by Tiffany in one go - a testament to the artist’s admiration for his former town and church.

To have played a part in ensuring this artistic treasure will continue to live on in Irvington, New York and the United States through this recent historic restoration is an incredible honor for our studio and its artisans!

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Window - after restoration

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