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Zoarville Station Bridge

This bridge was built in 1868 by The Phoenix Bridge Company in Pennsyvania. It was originally a three span bridge over the Tuscawaras River. It was replaced in 1905 by a concrete structure, and this single span was moved to Conottan Creek. The bridge was abandoned in the mid 1900's and left to deteriorate. It was later purchased by a local farmer from the State of Ohio for 50 dollars.Eventually the Boyscout camp was sold to a group of private investors and they purchased the bridge from the farmer for one dollar. In 2000, the bridge was dismantled and put into storage to prvent futher deterioration until enough funds could be raised to restore it.In 2006, restoration began and our shop was hired in conjunction with another shop to do the restoration of the bridge members. The general contractor did all of the site work and also re-erected the bridge.We restored all of the salvagable members and remade parts that could not be saved. We also removed over 4000 rivets and replaced them with new rivets. As far as I know, all new material used was produced in the United States.With some delays caused by the historic preservation folks, the project took approximately a year to complete.For more information about this project, please see

Outside of Zoar
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Bridge as it is being placedover the creek by a crane.
Bucking rivets in the field
Columns from the bridge.

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