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University of Illinois Charioteer of Delphi Restoration

Kevin William Fehlenberg replaced the head of a 100 year old stone statue, which was based off of the ancient Greek bronze Charioteer of Delphi. The statue was one of a pair at the entrance of University of Illinois' Allerton Park, an early 20th century mansion and property. During an attempted theft, the head was shattered beyond repair. Kevin used traditional methods to replicate the original head. He was asked to make the head look as it did when it was newly carved. Kevin looked at the original bronze charioteer to help piece together what was missing from the worn and broken stone head.

Piatt County
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This is what the charioteer originally looked like (this is actually the restored charioteer's pair.)
The statue's head shattered when thieves hit this metal rod while trying to saw off the head
Kevin took a mold of the neck line to ensure that the head he carved would fit perfectly
Using traditional and precise techniques, Kevin was able to replicate the original head exactly. This is a process photo.
Complete installation. After U of I cleans the statue's body, Kevin will color match the head.
Kevin made a very precise, thin joint. Kevin will return to color match the stone.

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