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These companies fabricate custom prefabricated steeples and historic reproduction steeples, in original historic materials or using modern lightweight framing. They may also be able to produce related steeple elements such as crosses, domes, cornices, balustrades and louvers. Prefabricated church steeples are typically fabricated off site and set in place with a crane.

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CIS Steeplejacks
First Congregational Church Steeple Repair, Roofing & Painting
Litchfield, OH 44253
First Congregational Church Steeple Repair and Copper Roof Application

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Jack Hassler Company Philadelphia, PA 19121
Since 1900, the steeplejacks of Jack Hassler Co., Inc. have been accessing high...
Decor Architectural Products Inc. Toledo, OH 43607
Decor Architectural Products produces custom and standard cornice, cupolas, dormers and...
Zack's Workshoppe Saint Clair Shores, MI 48082
Cupolas, steeples and weathervanes.
Little Giant Mfg. Co. Orange, TX 77630
Little Giant Manufacturing distributes fiberglass baptismal tubs, wall mount crosses,...
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