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Cleaning, Repairing, Repointing Brick w/ Lithomex and Ecologic™ Mortar

A 1790 historic brick home was cleaned, repaired and repointed using Lithomex brick patching material and Ecologic™ Mortar. Ecologic™ Mortar is composed of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), sand and iron oxide pigments. Ecologic™ Mortar contains NO harmful Portland Cement. The use of Portland Cement to repoint historic buildings can cause accelerated degradation, which may include spalling of historic bricks, moisture build up within the walls, damage from salts, and poor water vapor transmission. Water trapped within masonry walls may lead to moisture issues within the building including mold, mildew and interior wall damage as well as increase heating and cooling costs.
You can order Lithomex and Ecologic™ Mortar from our website at

Milford Square
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Before/After pictures of a 1790 historic brick home
Before/After pictures of the removed external brick chimney
Before Picture
After picture of brick repaired using Lithomex
Before/After Pictures of the masonry repair on the right side of the window

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