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Design roofing is a commercial roofing company in Vancouver providing top quality services since 1984. It offers a wide range of roofing services as Commercial Roof System Installation, Roof Maintenance, Residential Roof Repairs, Hot Rubber Roofing, Sheet Metal, Green Roof Systems etc. Besides, it also works on projects for installing customized snow guards on your rooftop to guard your roof by drifting snow to safe areas. Some specialty services such as installing skylights, bird deterrents, gutters and downpipes are also provided. We also work on all projects relating to installation and maintenance of your roof system. Design Roofing has a good reputation among general contractors and is well recognized by engineers and architects for providing quality services for roof installation and related projects. Our company owns a team of qualified roof experts who have a longstanding history of customer satisfaction and both understand and have also experienced the weather patterns of Vancouver and lower Mainland. We understand needs of our customers and strive to serve them the best. To find more about us, you can call us at 604-944-2977.

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