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Mold Remediation/Cleaning Job

This job came as a result of a current client noticing some type of growth forming on the walls and ceilings of 4 dormitory bathrooms. The appearance and extent of the black substance differed significantly in each bathroom. After a thorough inspection of the premises, a detailed scope of work for this cleaning job was developed. It strictly adhered to mold remediation protocol despite being unable to definitively determine if the substance was the result of mold growth.

The first step of the job was to set up containment's in each bathroom entrance way. Hepa 500 air scrubbers were installed and turned on prior to any cleaning. HVAC vents were also covered to prevent potential cross contamination. Items in the bathrooms were cleaned then removed from the contained area.

We continued to treat this cleaning job as a mold remediation and began by wiping down all affected surfaces with a green, disinfecting cleaning agent. This step was followed by thorough HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces from the ceiling to the floors due to the potential presence of mold spores. During this phase of work, all staff were outfitted in proper PPE as per mold remediation protocol.

The result of this painstaking cleaning job was a very satisfied customer and 4 fully disinfected bathrooms. Our client was impressed with the precautions we took and the final appearance of the affected areas. We made sure to provide detailed information on prevention tips and techniques to prevent the substance from returning as we try to act as a cleaning and restoration consultant to our clients.

Stony Brook
New York
Suffolk County
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Before shot of the most affected areas.
Before shot of the most affected areas.
Before shot of the most affected areas.
Picture taken following the completion of job, no more black tape or black spots on ceilings and walls.
Another after shot of some of the most affected areas. Surfaces looked brand new after our thorough cleaning.

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