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Regent Theatre - Plaster Restoration

The Regent Theatre was built in 1919 as the first theatre in Oshawa, offering it's patron's a world of experiencing the arts. A unique feature of the theatre is the ornate plaster detailing on the ceiling. The plaster detailing consists of medallions representing mythological subjects and the ceiling conveys the feeling of a clouded night sky. The layout of the five chandeliers consists of four smaller chandeliers arranged in a circle following the curve tof the building's roof around a fifth larger chandelier in the middle of the dome of the auditorium. All of the chandeliers are topped off with medallions that are linked together and surrounded by a larger ring around the curve of the dome. The entire perimeter of the auditorium is decorated with a rope like moulding. In the 1980's, the modern movement came in and the original ceiling was gutted, leaving only minor fragments of the original plasterwork in storage, leaving the ceiling flat and plain. The restoration of each element on the ceiling was hand sculpted and cast in plaster, exactly as the original artisans would have done. Completion of this project turned back the hands of time and allowed the Regent to once again become a show piece for the City of Oshawa.

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Original Regent Theatre 1920
The ceiling after the 1980's.
Remaining pieces that were salvaged from the damaged ceiling.
Remaining pieces that were salvaged from the damaged ceiling.
Remaining pieces that were salvaged from the damaged ceiling.
Initial reconstruction of the ceiling.
Restoration of a massive 16 foot medallion.
Specialty painting to provide an exquisite finish.
Completion of the restored plaster architecture
Completion of the restored plaster architecture
Spectacular finished ceiling.
Restoration completed.

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