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Sacred Spaces-2 Church Restoration Projects

Churches are a special kind of historical restoration project, in which architecture is woven into perhaps the deepest of human experiences. Here are the stories of two restoration projects.

St. John’s Church in Oakland was due for some ADA compliance upgrades, and the client wanted to replace their metal-frame institutional entryway with something more suitable to the building's purpose.

The entryways to St. Mark's Church in Berkeley may well have been the one originally placed there when the church was built in 1897. Both door sets were difficult to secure and one didn't function at all. St. John's and St. Mark's.

Oakland and Berkeley
Contra Costa
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St. John's Original Entrance
St. John's--The New Entrance
St. John's--Inner Sanctuary Doors
St. John's--Custom Designed and Fabricated ADA Compliant Handles
St. Mark's--One Entrance Before Replacement
St. Mark's--The Entrance With Reproduction Doors
St. Mark's--Second Entrance. Matched Historical Obscure Glass.
St. Mark's--The Doors in the Shop

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