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San Franciso Antique Stained Glass Window Restortaion

We recently completed a full restoration of these three antique stained glass windows for a Victorian home in San Francisco, CA. These were in quite rough shape, with a lot of broken panels of glass. Our team carefully removed them and brought them back to our studio in Santa Clara, CA where we took rubbings and measurements. Next we remove the old lead and soak the glass pieces in warm soapy water, then we clean each and every piece of glass before laying it out to be built. After it is releaded and soldered, it is puttied and brushed till it shines. Finally they can be carefully transported back to their home in San Francisco. We really enjoyed working on these intricate antique stained glass panels, the design and glass is so different, its really quite inspiring to us! Check out our website at

San Francisco
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Carefully putting all the glass back in its original place.
Mid building this stained glass window. Lots of little pieces in this one!
All soldered up and ready to putty. Can you notice the dragons?
Almost done building, soon to be soldered. We love this antique glass!
Mid progress build, almost done. We love the use of jewels in this window.
A very intricate window, there are hundreds of small pieces in this one.
Looking great, almost ready to be installed.
Installing one of the stained glass windows back into its home in San Francisco.
Installing our stained glass windows back into this home in San Francisco.

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