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Unger Enterprise, L.L.C. "Old Barns are our Specialty"

Currently restoring an 1820's era barn that suffered major storm damage. Timbers are being removed and stored for later use in the restoration. The structural timbers have marriage marks and we have a combination of hand forged nails and stamped nails incorporated throughout the barn. The exterior is brick with every 5th course laid edgewise. We have shored up the bank side of the barn and poured a new concrete foundation, reinforced with 1/2" steel rebar. The first floor had settled approx. 13" and we have dug pier holes beneath and poured concrete footing and restored the headers supporting the floor joists to level. We incorporated a broken 12"x12" (original timber) onto two upright pillars beneath barn to support main header. Next we have to focus on some masonry issues and then the heavy structural post and beams will be installed. We will try to post pics to our website, very soon, so you can follow along as things progress. Also please check out some of our other projects, both historic restorations and practical applications for the everyday user.

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after pic of heavy structural repair and maintenance free siding
historic barn before
historic barn after
New construction...sometimes we receive "word of mouth" requests and we try very hard to please all our customers requests and make their dream a reality.

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