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Woodbury County Courthouse plaster repairs for 100th anniversary

Woodbury County Courthouse plaster repairs for 100th anniversary. Interior ceiling and bulkhead repair. We erected scaffold and then were able to truly inspect the damage caused by steam pipes within the bulkhead area. We cleaned the area of loose pieces of plaster and calcification before stabilizing it. We made molds, poured new plaster castings, installed and repainted the replacement pieces. We hand crafted areas of decorative plaster that were damaged but not missing before repainting the area. Several other smaller areas throughout the building were also damaged. We are honored to have the opportunity to help in the restoration of such a beautifully crafted building.

Sioux City
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the damage as seen with the camera
the damage as seen with the camera - different angle
calcification removal and cleaning in progress
the true extent of the damage once cleaned and some repair work done
hand crafted element replacement
making molds and pouring new plaster pieces
making face molds of existing undamaged plaster areas
pouring the new pieces of plaster
installing the new plaster pieces
new pieces installed
one last chance for detail work before paint
painting in progress
the finished produt, restored to its former glory!

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